Do you realise that your words have power? Creative power when spoken forth, to change situations also shape your entire life present and future. 

From this book you will receive deeper inside out of the word of God that will change the way you speak forever.


God’s word is likened unto medicine that heals us, in this book the promises of God are highlighted, categorised also you get to know how to apply them. 

Start taking these gospills and promises on a daily basis and receive the benefit from them

Highlighted promises

In this book we deal with the healing and health issue, where does sickness come from? Is it good or bad, I myself was sick and got healed, so find out if God has the flu

Does God have the flu?

Are you depressed? feeling discouraged? Maybe even suicidal? prime step to get out of this negative realm is to first find HOPE ! 

This book is a 21 day devotional that will minister to you, there is no need to live life with negative feelings, it is time to smile again, so start reading and be encouraged.

Be encouraged

A very strange title for a book I know, yet no matter what type of car or if we would go and stand a week in the garage, we will never be a car, of course not you may laughingly say, but there are still a lot of Christians who do not realise that they are totally renewed in spirit, so they are defeated many a times, read this book and stop that rollercoaster living .

Are you your car?

A children’s book that show children how to deal with certain situations from the word, queenie is a little dog who is taken in by a Christian family, her adventures are so much fun

Adventures of queenie the dog

I do believe most of us know where babies come from, not by looking intently to another person for a long period of time but being intimate with someone from the opposite gender. 

To receive from God you also have to get ‘’ pregnant’’ so to speak, with the word of God, this book will show you how

Get pregnant with the word

Many people walk around never finding answers to their questions, questions about every area of life such as, marriage, finances, sex and many more, this book will give clear answers on these questions from the word of God

Question and answers

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